Millions of lives have been impacted world-wide through the power of Attitudinal Healing!


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Attitudinal Healing: Experience Radical Peace Through the Power of True Forgiveness


This 5-week online course is a first and only in the more than forty-year history of Attitudinal Healing.

Carol Howe, one of the original and most experienced teachers of A Course In Miracles, from which the Attitudinal Healing principles were derived, is joined by Dr. Jerry Jampolsky, founder of Attitudinal Healing and Dr. Diane Cirincione, Founder and Director of Attitudinal Healing International, to guide you through this inspiring and life-changing course.


Students can follow along to the suggested 5-week plan or move at their own pace.

  • WEEK 1 - Willingness: Opening The Door To A Shift In Your Life

  • WEEK 2 -  Choice: Rewiring Your Brain To A New Way Of Seeing

  • WEEK 3 -  Forgiveness:  Releasing Your Fear, Healing Your Mind

  • WEEK 4 -  Resilience:  Aging With Attitude, Thriving With Peacefully

  • WEEK 5 -  Intention:  Starting Your Day In A Loving Way

Designed For The Way You Learn!

Visual Teaching

Featuring beautifully filmed video that captures the essence of what it means to truly heal your mind and life - presented by three experts with combined experience of well over 120 years in healing your mind, healing your life!

Brain-Based Program

Video, audio, and written components combine to allow you to experience the healing energy that arises from rewiring your brain - the result of the changes of mind, heart, and purpose. 

Accessible Anywhere

The moment after purchase you will have immediate access to watch and listen on any device - your phone, iPad or computer. 


  1. 5 modules with over 4.5 hours of video filmed in a beautiful scenic setting featuring intimate personal stories to illustrate points and simple, clear explanations of the Attitudinal Healing principles. 

  2. Audio versions of the video classes plus 10 more audio files with important explanations and never-before-heard stories of the early days of Attitudinal Healing that you can listen to any time on any device. 

  3. A powerful and extensive interactive workbook with easy-to-understand extra commentary on the principles to bring additional clarity and ease of application. 

  4. Thought-provoking reflection questions to increase awareness and deepen your self-discovery and healing as well as extra video clips that provide powerful motivation for changing your mind. 

  5. Beautiful guided imagery audios that bring comfort and safety simply by listening in the morning and/or evenings.


If you register today, you will also receive a downloadable copy of Jerry and Diane’s book, Aging with Attitude, with simple, yet powerful, guidelines for living your best life through all of life’s changes at every stage of life.

Read What Current Students Have To Say:

"This is fantastic opportunity to work with three of the most amazing teachers of A Course in Miracles and Attitudinal Healing. My reaction on first hearing was: "What took them so long?" Jerry, Diane and Carol are pioneers in the teaching of this material, and by following this beautiful one-of-a-kind program, you will learn how to practice and experience the benefits of true forgiveness - peace of mind, happiness and loving connections with others, leading to a new experience of yourself, your life, the world, and everything you know. "

Ian Patrick
Founder of the Miracle Network in the UK

"This course came to me at the perfect moment, and for sure, this is the perfect moment for you. Through ordinary yet compelling stories based on solid knowledge, this course helped me realize it only takes willingness and an open heart to listen, to completely change my mind about how life works, and in turn, heal all my wounds. Healing is possible within me and nowhere else. After putting these ideas into practice for a few weeks, I have been amazed at how my inner and outer worlds have changed, and how exciting this has been! I can look at the world from a different place - a place of love! "

Lety Valero
Certified Conscious Discipline Instructor

"I have studied a lot of A Course In Miracles, Attitudinal Healing, and other related material over the years, but this course is definitely a unique experience. I was so mesmerized by this video presentation that I watched it in its entirety without a break! The videos plus all the extras in the workbook truly bring these teachings to life. So glad it has been recorded for posterity. "

Dwight Lindsay

"This program is life-changing! These three inspiring masters have helped me to find abiding peace through their exceptional course. From decades of determination and practice, they have emerged through their own difficulties and from this I could so feel their love, kindness, and gratitude coming to me through the screen." These wise elders leave us a precious legacy - the gift of their wisdom, a light to show us the way! "

Kathy Orphanides
Author of The Gifts of Loren

"Words cannot express the journey I’ve just been on, while diving deep into this course in Attitudinal Healing!” While going through this wonderful course, more and more issues were coming up to conscious awareness to be healed and released. It was painful at times but through the screen Carol offered great comfort. Sitting with these masters with their wealth of knowledge and understanding, I could not help but experience major internal shifts. They are so filled with light, unconditional love, and divine wisdom. I can’t wait to do this course all over again! It's for anyone who is ready to dismantle personal limitations and experience true freedom, peace and joy. "

Rowena Robinson
Artist / Speech and Voice Coach

"This program is a marvelous self-study guide for enabling one to get in touch with one’s inner teacher to uncover the thoughts and beliefs that cause all our emotional disturbances. For me, the greatest treasures are Carol’s interviews with Diane and Jerry. One is bathed in the loving presence of three humble sages as they distill wisdom gained from a lifetime of helping others heal themselves. I found myself laughing through my tears and came away from each interview inspired to continue on the path of peace."

David D'Andre
University Professor

"“I am thrilled I took the opportunity to experience these discussions on living a good life. The concepts for eliminating fear in all its forms really work for me. Just watching Carol, Jerry, and Diane speak together inspires me to be as loving as they are. I feel such gratitude to all of them for sharing this hard-won wisdom so generously.  The discussion is rich and the workbook is a treasure.  There's so much offered here!”"

Ron Bennie

"I can not speak highly enough of this course! It is the missing piece! I thought it would help me understand and practice ACIM principles at a deeper level and It has done so much more for me! To watch Carol, Jerry and Diane share their life experiences, and how they grew from them, has been life-changing. They embody the true meaning of love, acceptance, compassion, and solid inner peace. I love the very clear and easy-to-implement attitudinal healing strategies they provide. I have been faithfully implementing them every day and It is making all the difference! I feel so much more relaxed and far less stressed. I truly believe it has knocked off decades of searching for answers. I believe if we all took this course and implemented these strategies on a daily basis, we just might wake up to a whole new loving, compassionate, peaceful, connected, far less-stressed world! Blessings to the three of you for being so open, honest and dedicated to bringing deep inner and outer peace to our families, communities and world. I am eternally grateful!"

Adyana Brashear
Pediatric Occupational Therapist


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