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The See How Life Works Program

Discover And Awaken The Truth About How Life Really Works!

You may have tried everything -  Yoga. Meditation. Self Development...
But for many people Anxiety, Stress and Self Doubt are still present in your life.

The good news... It's not your fault.


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A Revolutionary Program by Carol Howe


Over 50,000 people have already been given the Truth to living a Happy and Successful life!

See How Life Works is an 8-week online program that teaches you the secret and fundamental laws to living a happy and successful life. Carol uses life size props, animated drawings and easy-to-grasp explanations that help thousands around the globe successfully achieve fulfilment and peace of mind.

Carol Howe is an author, 40 year master teacher and world renowned expert on A Course In Miracles (ACIM), the famous spiritual text studied by many of the greatest spiritual leaders in the world today, including Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Willamson, Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra and the late Dr. Wayne Dyer.


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What We Will Cover In The
See How Life Works Online Course

  • WEEK  1   Provides a solid foundation for the exploration and practice of A Course In Miracles - including
    its purpose and practices, and most importantly, how it works to assure the release of fear and guilt and the return of safety, joy, health, and peace of mind.
  • WEEK 2     Discover the specific ways we invent the ego, offer it our allegiance, and suffer from that allegiance. See how to end this pain and enjoy the relief and peace of mind offered by being true to your real loving nature.
  • WEEK 3     See the gift in all relationships. Always reflecting our inner state of mind, the difficult ones reveal precisely the changes required of us to feel happy, loved, and safe. Watch how relationships are undermined and learn to reclaim the healing and peace you deserve every time you trade fear for love.
  • WEEK 4     Exposes the non-productive nature of pardoning, which is not forgiveness, and illuminates the healing, joy-inducing process for true forgiveness, which sets us free, resolves all problems, and grants us peace. A hilarious and unforgettable performance clarifies true and false forgiveness!
  • WEEK 5     Explores what we resist and why, and how that results in feeling trapped or blocked. Watch how the powerful transforming nature of true acceptance - not resignation – allows release and resolution of all difficulties.
  • WEEK 6     Delights with a never-to-be-forgotten presentation of the critical voice that runs our lives, leaving us feeling imprisoned and small. See how to quiet that voice, and watch healing, confidence, and new rewarding possibilities occur in all aspects of life.
  • WEEK 7     Release fear, quiet the mind, and access inborn wisdom. Clear, reliable guidance, intuition, is ever-present for the asking. This voice for love within is trustworthy, built-in, always available, and guaranteed to bring us peace and the certainty of being cared for and safe.
  • WEEK 8     Assures us that a new beginning is available every moment. See how today's experience is caused by today's purpose and beliefs and not from past events. Cause and effect are simultaneous so choose wisely between love or fear.

  • BONUS #1 - Get downloadable audio recordings of all the sessions so you can learn on the go.
  • BONUS #2 - Get a detailed workbook with powerful exercises and deep reflections.
  • BONUS #3 - Get downloadable Morning & Evening meditations to start and end your day right.

In case you're one of those people (Like Me!) who just skip to the end, here's what you’ll get:

If you finally want to be free of stress, anxiety, and self-doubt.... or resolve problems with relationships... this is for you. Enjoy 8 separate training programs + FREE Bonuses for a fraction of the value and cost of even one! You're NOT signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that. Plain and simple... You either love this and everything it offers you, or let us know within 10 days of purchase and you’ll receive a refund - no questions asked.


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