The Biography of Bill Thetford

Never Forget To Laugh

In this comprehensive biography, many firsthand accounts and personal reflections of more than thirty friends chronicle the life and spiritual journey of Bill Thetford. As a brilliant and accomplished psychologist, he became one of the world’s foremost authorities on how the ego develops, then served as a conduit for A Course In Miracles, which provides a way to dissolve that ego. Bill’s own path to awakening provides a timeless guide to successfully replacing grievances and conflict with grace and peace of mind.

A quote from the Foreword by Gerald Jampolsky, M.D. and
Diane Cirincione, Ph. D.:

“This book is not simply a biography, but a body of work that integrates the facts of Bill’s life with Course teachings and the personal reflections of more than thirty friends in a way that creates a unique and meaningful experience for the reader. . . . After reading this book, we found it hard to imagine incorporating so many details about Bill into one document. Carol has accurately expressed the impressions and impact that Bill had on the many of us who loved and appreciated him so deeply. In many ways, it is a love story about Bill and his friends, from comfortable close associates to casual acquaintances, whose insights and experiences with him are included throughout. It’s also a love story about Bill and the Course and, finally, about Bill and God.”

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