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Would you like to learn how to live a life of Deep Fulfillment and Peace of Mind, no matter what the world feels like?


If so, you've come to the right place! Join thousands of happy listeners as they are guided through A Course In Miracles by ACIM master teacher, Carol Howe.

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Success Stories From Current Students

"I'm learning! Great balls of fire I'm learning this. My hopes for each day are, PEACE over CONFLICT and that's how I start. Thanks Carol for guiding us through the lessons's amazing how much more I'm learning EVERY SINGLE DAY!"

Hannah Gilbert

"I am so glad I found you!!! I first encountered the Course through an aunt and kept trying to give it a go but I could understand it. BUT NOW each day when I start the lesson with your insights and commentary all my confusion is immediately cleared up. THANK YOU!"

Bryce Collier

"I can now do this with your daily help Carol! This is the second time I have completed all 365 lessons. The first time was a struggle. But this time your clear, simple guidance made ALL the difference in the world! I cannot believe this is free! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Brynn Dallas

"I am much more at peace, bottom line. Thanks again, Carol! My ACIM journey has now so much clearer! In fact, Clarity could be your middle name!"

Malik Voradah
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"Her message is wonderfully clear, to the point and excellently delivered! I feel like I am getting guidance from a wise friend. Thank you thank you for this!"

Katie D.

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