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Healing Relationships: Discover How the Most Difficult Relationships Hold the Key to Your Healing

Relationship expert, Carol Howe, counselor and teacher to thousands world-wide, clarifies exactly how we sabotage relationships and how to heal them.  Carol reveals the way all hurtful or boring relationships can become our greatest gifts since they point precisely to the programming and beliefs that are the actual cause of pain and that only we can release. And with that release comes our happiest and most productive life as we experience the true loving purpose of relationships!



This compact, revealing, and entertaining program includes:

  1. 80 minutes of high quality video loaded with insights and a specific path to seeing all your relationships in a more helpful and peaceful way, lively interaction with a small class with spontaneous discoveries right on camera.
  2. A beautiful soothing meditation to settle your mind and open your heart to new discoveries.
  3. A powerful workbook with important exercises that lead you through a step- by-step process to healing your mind, relationships, and more.
Key Issues Explored Are:
  • How relationships are broken
  • The true cause of our distress
  • Escaping the closed loop of fear and stress
  • Seeing the behaviors of others as helpful mirrors
  • The part guilt plays in our relationships
  • Knowing - you are always You - safe and whole!
  • Changing your mind so all can follow

Designed For The Way You Learn!

Visual Teaching

Featuring incredible video and animated lessons you can't learn anywhere else that are guaranteed to change your life.

Brain-Based Program

That uses every mode of learning to help you rewire your brain back to peace. This helps you actually feel the lessons working in your life from the start.

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The moment after purchase you will have immediate access to watch and listen on any device - your phone, iPad or computer. 

Success Stories from our Courses

"You are one powerful teacher! What a gift. I have ordered everything you offer! Thank you for being such a magnificent Course teacher, for living what you “preach.”  LOVE IT! "

Gayle Bartlett

"We are captivated by Carol’s course!  My wife Diane kept saying, “This is so exceptional! My awareness of the Course is growing in big ways. "

Bob Beale

"Thank God for a clear delivery vehicle such as you to help folks get "their arms around" what the Course really is. "

Michael J. McGivney

"I am enjoying the series SOOOOOO much! Thanks and please keep your creativity flowing."

Amanda Knobel

"I cannot tell you how excited I am about this!!!  I watched it this morning and It is not only first class, it is extraordinary!"

Lee Jampolsky

"Carol, your course is truly excellent, just superb!  I know many will find it exceedingly inspiring and most helpful in their daily interactions and life in general. Your brilliant gift of teaching, using examples and props, is always entertaining and expertly orchestrated with easy - to- grasp scenarios. Your calm and loving voice and style gives me permission to be loving and patient with myself on the journey to awakening. Thank you. You are a gift and a blessing. "

Suzy Bailey

"I was introduced to your work by a fellow ACIM classmate here in San Diego.  I have listened repeatedly now to the first modules and they are brilliant.  I am a newbie, having studied the Course for just over a year now, but I can hardly wait for the next release. I am so blessed to have come across your wonderful work.  Thank You from the bottom of my heart."

Jon Welker

"During your course, I had a profound "shift" after watching and can't wait to see what others you create. Thanks again, Carol!"

Mark Palmer

"These videos are truly wonderful. This is such a magnificent and inspiring program you’ve put together… beautiful. I think they’ll be invaluable to helping people, especially “newcomers,” find their way to and through the wonders of living A Course in Miracles. Your simple and clear talks, along with the animations, the props, and the consistent sparkle in your eyes are perfect for helping people feel comfortable with the material."

Patrick Darling


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