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Carol has made it her mission in life to help others experience a more peaceful life. Her work has been featured all over the world to millions of people through video, audio and the written word.

Below you can enjoy special access to some of her most recent work.


Watch as Carol talks with other leaders in the spiritual world about how we all can live a more fulfilling life.


Daily Lessons

Every day I share a new lesson from A Course In Miracles and guide you through exactly how to practice in your life right now. You have two choices for access: iTunes or YouTube.


Audio Programs

Audio Programs featuring Carol that feature vital discussions on relationships, managing stress and learning the skills needed to return back to Peace of Mind.



Read Carol's trademark wit and wisdom from her 40+ years of guiding people back to peace of mind.


Free eBook

Enjoy Carol's newest book, 

The Best Guide Ever to A Course in Miracles by Carol Howe



Listen to Carol's podcast that goes into many fascinating every day topics to help you make sense of the world and practice peace daily.


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