September 2018 - Healing Relationships - The Heart of True Forgiveness

Relationships - given us to be our greatest joy - under ego guidance become the vehicles for our greatest pain. In this eye-opening workshop we will “look under the hood” of our special relationships to see how we are drawn into them and why they fail to satisfy. Happily, we move right on to the healing solution: true forgiveness - what it is and how it works.

We will employ a visual model that clarifies exactly the part we play in our relationships and the specific steps to heal them. Tailor-made blessings in disguise, difficult relationships mirror our blindspots of guilt and point precisely to the change of mind required to experience our heart’s desire. See the gift in all relationships; watch them them heal and feel the peace each time we truly forgive, trading fear for love. Remember - happiness, peace of mind, and healed relationships are a “package deal!”

Details:  When: Sunday, Sept 9, 2018   12 noon - 4pm              Where: St. Augustine Center for Spiritual Living                         1795 Old Moultry Road      St. Augustine, FL 32084      Cost:   $50              Contact:  Robby Gailey   904-347-9305  or [email protected]

Past Events

November 2017 - Healing Relationships, the Heart of A Course in Miracles

Carol will be a special guest on Diane Ross's Cutting-Edge Consciousness program to be held Tuesday, November 28, 7 - 8:30pm Winter Park Library, 460 E. New England Ave., Winter Park, FL 32789 Cost is $15 Relationships, given us to be our greatest joy, when misused by our egos, become the vehicle for our greatest pain. But when relationships can be see as windows into our own souls, mirroring our own issues and the pain that must be healed, they can be transformed and created anew. Therefore, as relationships are healed, minds are healed, leading inevitably to happiness and unshakeable peace of mind. For more information visit or call Diane at 407 898-7918.

APRIL 2017 - Common Ground Mini-Series with Carol Howe

As the turmoil in the world appears to escalate, we are called more than ever to deepen our commitment to peace of mind as our primary goal. To that end, Carol Howe, biographer of ACIM co-scribe Bill Thetford and one of the first teachers of the Course, will share 40 years of teaching and counseling insight and experience on this all-important subject.

Each week, she will draw from the great wealth of material covered in her highly-acclaimed video course, See How Life Works, the one-of-a kind online course.

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JULY 2017 - Celebrating Inner Peace!

A weekend celebration of gratitude in honor of the Foundation for Inner Peace, whose trustees have overseen the the translation and dissemination of A Course In Miracles world-wide since 1975, and of elders within the Course community who have been instrumental in taking ACIM into the world. Long-term Course teachers Carol Howe and Jon Mundy, joined with David Hoffmeister, Gary Renard, James Twyman, Dov Fishman, and Maria Felipe will share their wisdom and inspiring personal experiences with ACIM.