“Carol is able to make what initially seems complex, simple. Her sincerity, light, love, enthusiasm, warmth, and unique ability to make the Course “reader friendly” is vivid throughout her presentations. Her skill in simplifying with depth is both remarkable and refreshing. Carol is a master teacher of A Course In Miracles and we recommend her to both beginners and old timers with the Course.”

--- Gerald Jampolsky, M.D. and Diane Cirincione, Ph. D. - founder and co-directors of Attitudinal Healing international

“Carol Howe has been a dedicated teacher of A Course in Miracles for 40 years, bringing its Truth to students all over the world. We have seen her presentations, and admire her ability to engage groups with such wonderful energy, passion, and commitment to its message. Carol is a delight and a joy to listen to, and we appreciate the example she sets in truly living the teachings.”

--- Gary and Cindy Renard - author of The Disappearance of the Universe and teachers of A Course In Miracles

“Carol and I have been traveling this path of A Course in Miracles for forty years now, and I see in her the reflection of a life that exhibits commitment, integrity and clarity. She clearly has done her internal work and is now a wonderful conduit to express the practical message and inspiration of the Course through her work and life.”

--- Beverly McNeff - founder of Miracle Distribution Center

“Carol Howe can teach you how to apply the principles of A Course In Miracles better than anyone on this planet, and in a way that fosters immediate change in your life!”

--- Dr. Becky Bailey, Ph.D. - Creator of Conscious Discipline

“Well, I guess it should be no surprise that my life literally changes after I talk to you, but it still continues to amaze me! My whole experience shifts like I’ve stepped into someone else’s life. I can’t articulate how thankful I am for your wisdom and guidance. ”

--- Claire Kohake, Marketing Specialist

“Carol Howe speaks eloquently and effectively on a subject that she has a great passion for and firsthand knowledge of. Over the years she has been able to reach audiences of incredibly varied and diverse backgrounds in a convincing and deliberate manner.”

--- Larry Cavallaro, Real Estate Investor

“As a colleague of Carol’s for over 20 years, I can tell you with certainty that anyone experiencing Carol Howe in action makes them instantly want more! She’s quite simply one of the most engaging and insightful spiritual teachers I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing.”

--- Judie Chiappone, Facilitator and Healer

“Many of the most valuable hours of my life have been spent listening to the voice of Carol Howe. She is a wise and gentle teacher who inspired and guided me, made deep and profound realizations and transformations possible. Trying to explain in a few words what its like to be in the presence of an angel is impossible, but if you are ever fortunate enough just to hear her voice, listen closely, because in a few short minutes you will know that you are Love and loved.”

--- Rosalie Bianco, CEO

“Carol Howe is one of the very few people I know who lives and breathes enlightenment! She is a walking embodiment of Love! Carol not only knows A Course in Miracles, she lives it - no small feat in today's world - and is able to communicate it in an engaging and real-world, useful way!”

--- Paul Pock, Massage Therapist

“Carol Howe speaks to the heart and intellect of people. She has an infinite understanding of what is needed to move personal consciousness to the next level - a message desperately needed at this time in our global evolution. Carol literally holds audiences in the palm of her hand as she delivers a message whose time has come. ”

--- Mary Lou Gantner, Biofeedback Therapist

“Carol is a gifted, experienced communicator - at ease with both small and large audiences and easily connects with them. Her likable and light-hearted personality shines through even the most profound material. I'd say Carol is, without exaggeration, on a level with the late Wayne Dyer or Oprah. She's definitely one of today's best communicators.”

--- Jim MacMahon, Retired Marketing Executive

“Carol Howe is the consummate speaker - articulate, poised, considerate of students/callers, answers questions clearly and succinctly. In addition, she happens to be very bright and is passionate about her topic - a winning combination. ”

--- Diane Davalos Beale, Founder/President of Expanded Learning