A Mother’s Day Tale

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A Mother’s Day Tale

Key Takeaways:

1)  Healing can come in astonishing ways
2)  Everyone deserves healing, no matter the past
3)  Our interconnection is a fact and not a theory

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

I trust you are all having a lovely day, or will, depending on your time zone.  Long ago, my interaction with a brilliantly gifted psychic healer resulted in a simply “impossible" outcome for my mother, who was at that time in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s in another state.  This was before Hospice, that most amazing organization, and its services were well-known, so nursing homes were the main option for those whose illness and needs were beyond the limits of home care.

A Grateful Experiment

A couple of years before this “event," I had made the acquaintance of a very gifted physic healer when she was visiting in Denver.  She was now moving here permanently and I helped her find a place to live since she was not familiar with the area. As a token of gratitude, she offered to “experiment” on me with a new healing technique she was currently using.  It involved interacting with the chakras in some way that was not disclosed.  There was no touching the body - all was at an invisible or energetic level.  So although it seemed that nothing was happening, it most certainly was.  About 3 weeks later, I received a call from my brother who lived fairly close by and was able to visit her regularly.  He indicated something totally inexplicable and amazing had occurred.  Our mother, who was being kept alive with tubes in her intestines, had lost a tremendous amount of weight (This was before one could sign a living will indicating no artificial means to be kept alive, so the medical protocol was to do whatever was possible to prolong life.) Now, practically overnight, she had gained 38 pounds.  I asked when and how this had happened and he replied about three weeks before, just the time I was having my experience with the healer.

The Power of Release

I went through the motions of calling the appropriate person at the nursing home to inquire about any changes to diet, routine, doctors, etc.  She replied that absolutely no changes whatsoever had been made and they were all simply at a loss as to what could have possibly happened.  In short order, she went from 58 to 96 pounds after years of trying to get her weight up - to no avail. So it turned out to be a stunning example of the power of release and obvious interconnection.

So a marvelous way to celebrate this Mother’s Day is to choose to see the goodness/innocence in the eternal Presence of everyone, no matter the words and deeds of the body/mind.

Love and peace,


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