Celebrating our “abnormal” holiday season!


Key Takeaways

1) You are not a “normal person,” but an invisible loving Presence currently associated with a body.
2) What appears as physical begins at an invisible level
3) Your decision to be truly helpful is key to experiencing peace and safety

Let Us Be Truly Helpful

Our year has not been normal, nor are you a “normal person,” but a Presence beyond any possible description. Hopefully our strange year has afforded you more than the usual amount of introspective time and that you have used it wisely. Using it wisely would relate to using it to be “truly helpful.” And deciding for “truly helpful” in place of “ego protection and promotion” (the only 2 options) is a healing choice at the invisible level.

Today’s message includes two stories that provide proof that whatever happens to the physical body begins at an invisible level. The physical circumstances are the effect and not the cause. We can’t be reminded of this too many times.

An Eternal Light

The great news is that you can try it for yourself and see that this is true. Give yourself the gift of peace and safety by choosing the “truly helpful” options as they present themselves to you. You will recognize them by how you feel, whether directed toward yourself or others. Since you are not a "normal person, but an eternal Light of great magnitude, let that Light shine as our new year unfolds! Nothing could be more important!

Sending love and peace to all,


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