Daylight savings time - celebrate the Light in you!


Key Takeaways

  1. The sun is not involved in “savings time” and the Light in you is not disturbed by your limiting beliefs
  2. The Light is hidden behind life-darkening shades of judgment and defense
  3. The Light in you is released/experienced by choosing to see the Light and innocence in others

Our True Radiance Never Changes

Here are some thoughts to share with you about daylight savings time that starts today. Of course, we are clear that no daylight is actually saved - just a shift in clock time so the working day is more convenient for some. And the sun is certainly not affected in the slightest by our human decisions. Likewise, the Son we are, the outpouring of Divine Presence that is our heritage, is not altered at all by anything we do or say, believe or cherish. Radiant “You” never changes, never damaged or compromised. We are, indeed, the Light of the world, and our job is to accept and live, more and more, out of that Truth.

Three Steps To Liberate Our Light

Our situation is like installing room darkening shades on the windows to stop the light from entering, but neither the sun, nor its light, is affected. Our ego beliefs are like those shades that can prevent the light from entering our awareness, but certainly make no changes to us or our Source. Our brilliance is never dimmed, just temporarily out of awareness. So how do we remove the false beliefs and liberate the light? Adopt simple principles such as 1) desiring always to be truly helpful as a life goal 2) Allow every encounter to be a friendly one where the other person is given the non-verbal message: “I am safe in your presence.” 3) Remove the dark shades of guilt, revenge, and remorse, by choosing to see what’s innocent, right, and good in others, and thus, yourself. These simple steps are far more powerful than we might imagine.

What You Truly Deserve

Who wants to live in a dark, dingy dungeon of limiting, self-destructive false beliefs about self and others when you actually have options. Life implores you to rise, shine, celebrate the brilliance of You. Seems like the commencement of daylight savings time is a good day to start all over, re-commit to shining your own Light out, and thus, into your awareness. You deserve no less!

Don’t forget that we have a massive amount of material designed to help you release whatever is in the way of your own shining Light so do check out our offerings.

With love and Light sent your way!


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