Let Every Day Be God the Father’s Day!

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Let Every Day Be God the Father’s Day!

Key Takeaways:

1) God the Father is not something/someone else but the core of our being
2) Living is about discovering and experiencing the truth
3) This truth is guaranteed to bring you comfort and happiness

The Truth and the Mission

In my growing up years, I dutifully went to Sunday school and church and was as confused as could be about who this God was and what He had to do with me.  From all I was learning, it seemed that God was more like the head of a large corporation, lived off somewhere else busily running the universe, and I was basically on my own about how to live life.  Despite what I may have been taught, I had no sense at all that God was local, or knew that I even existed.  I did, however, always have a sense that there was more to life than I was experiencing and searching around about how life actually worked and whatever the “truth” was became my mission.  God as the uninvolved busy executive and heaven as a remote place was certainly not satisfying or reassuring.

Core of our Being

Happily, nothing I believed or assumed is true.  And some part of me knew it then, so I was motivated to keep looking, searching, investigating and experiencing.  For many years I looked outside myself for answers but gradually realized that all I was looking for I always was and had.  God, or Love, is not some one else, some place else, but another word for the very core of our being.  So the executive I thought was busy elsewhere has always been the very essence of my being, and of your’s, and will be forever.

Closer than the Air We Breathe

Now our job is to claim, to own, to get acquainted with the massive, loving, amazing Presence - the Father - that is the core of our very being, never separate, always reliable, on call, and when experienced, joyful beyond description.  This loving Presence cannot be somewhere else but is closer than the air we breathe and take for granted.  So on this Father’s Day, let’s honor the real Father, which is the real You.  In today's audio message, I describe a life-altering circumstance where I directly experienced this innate joy and was simply stunned at it's magnificence, its all-encompassing nature, and how we could possibly have lost track of it.

With love and celebration of the Father in you,


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