Help is Ever Present - Special Offer To Honor A Legend!

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Help is Ever Present - Special Offer To Honor A Legend!

Key Takeaways

1) Guidance is constantly available for all, not just some
2) Assurance takes many forms, even before we ask for it
3) Even if what you receive seems unlikely or undeserved, do trust it

Honoring a Legend of Love

As we do every year during the fourth week of April, we pay homage to amazing Bill Thetford, co-scribe of A Course In Miracles.  As noted in the title of this blog, help is actually ever present for all of us via guidance that appears in different ways.  Today, I’ll give a few examples of how Bill, in particular, seemed to offer guidance even after he was no longer in this physical world.  I never did hear an actual  voice, but always had a sense of the information coming from him.  Sometimes I even had a “conversation” with him through thoughts in my own mind, certainly while I was writing his biography - “Never Forget To Laugh.".

The Key To Inner Guidance

A thought to consider.  It seems that guidance becomes increasingly accurate and available to the extent we truly wish the best for all others, follow guidance even when it seems unusual (or impossible), and release grievances.  Bill became accomplished at all of these through his determination to practice the wisdom ACIM presents.  The key is practice, and not just the intellectual learning.

Our goal has been to make the principles and practices of ACIM as available and practical as possible through our video programs.  So in honor of Bill and his immense gift to us all, we’re offering our five different programs at a 30% discount.  Use discount code BILL30 at check out.

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Have a wonderful day, appreciate yourself, and know you are always being streamed that ever-present guidance.  No one is ever left out!

With love to all,
Carol and Robert


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