Is It Possible To Fail In A Course In Miracles?


  1. If you are drawn to ACIM, let it lead your practice.It knows what you need.
  2. The key is practice and not learning. Imagine if you “learned” all there is to know about a piano. That has nothing to do with developing the actual skill to play it. Same with changing your mind. 
  3. Rest assured there are no accidents. No matter how daunting the material may appear to be, just practice one day at a time and happy results are guaranteed.

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Recently someone asked how he might know if he was doing A Course In Miracles “right” or if it was possible to fail the Course.  Before we go any further, there is no way to fail, at either the Course or in being Who you really are!  Secondly, your intuition is to be the guide in how you approach ACIM.  There is no “right” way.  Sometimes people start with the Manual for Teachers simply because it’s so short, and therefore seems more manageable.   Others may begin reading the text, usually because we erroneously believe this is a massive body of work to be learned so we better get started! Others begin with the workbook because one short lesson might seem attractive.  

Here is the crucial point to keep in mind - this is not a body of work to be “learned” so it can be regurgitated on a test, but a collection of thoughts/ideas to be practiced, presented in many different ways, repeated over and over in order to reprogram one’s entire belief system.  This is a “spiritual technology,” a process of presenting the truth to you in ever so many different, yet similar, ways. The major points remain the same, but we need to hear them incessantly in order to redirect our attention to the brilliant Truth of ourselves.


So although it’s possible to delay the experience of  your peace and happiness (the goal of the Course), it is not possible to destroy, remove, reduce, or alter that peace and happiness.  Delay comes from hanging on to old, false, demeaning, and frightening ideas about yourself and what you deserve so the smart thing to do is let them all go.  This is a process and not an event, but this process of changing your thoughts to be constantly more in harmony with the eternal Truth of your being requires diligence and practice.  As with all things - playing a sport or an instrument, learning a skill or a language - practicing the application of Course principles to your daily life until it becomes second nature is essential. 


So, you might ask, “ Are there other ways you can come to Self-realization (another way to speak of peace and happiness) besides the Course?”  Of course there are, but if you and ACIM have intersected, pay attention.  If you feel drawn to it, you can infer with confidence that this is your path, and for you, the most profound and helpful way to release those programmed blocks to the experience of love, peace, and safety. I’m convinced the Course“finds” those for whom it’s intended. 

For those caught in its sphere of influence, be grateful.  You will be steadily led, with an unerring inner curriculum designed just for you, to more freedom, fun, insight, security, and beyond.  So no, you can’t fail, can’t do it wrong, and even when you drag your feet, forget or refuse to practice, you remain forever dearly loved, embraced, and protected.  So relax, follow your intuition, and enjoy the fruits of your practice.  And all the world gains along with you in your “individual” practice. 

All our work is designed to make this practice easier and more rewarding, so be sure to check out all our material here. 

Happy practicing and rest assured my dear friends, all is already (and forever) well, :-)



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