It May Sound Strange But...Happy Easter & Happy Birthday!


Key Takeaways

  1. The various factions of the Christian Church have been in disagreement for more than 2000 years. Not a helpful example.
  2. Happily, we have answers given us that are practical and guaranteed to change our experience.
  3. We have our own modern-era “proof” that following the principles of ACIM do bring us back to life.

The Eastern Way

Once again, Happy Easter!  That is because only the Western Christian Church celebrated last Sunday, but this Sunday is Easter for the Eastern Orthodox Church.  The church calendars are off by one week.  When the Christian Church split into two factions in 1054, know as the Great Schism, the Eastern Orthodox Church was headquartered in Constantinople (now Istanbul) in Turkey and the western or Catholic Church in Rome, Italy.    In 1517 Martin Luther allegedly nailed his 95 theses (issues to discuss related to the church) to the church door, ultimately leading to the Protestant Revolution.  Thus, we end up with assorted versions of the Christian message to this day.  And a central issue is over the crucifixion/resurrection question.  Namely, which is more important.  In the Western Church, the crucifixion is given more emphasis than the Eastern Church, which focuses on the resurrection.  This is apparent when you view both their art and the nature of their church services.

Happy Birthday

So the Christian Church has squabbled for more than 2000 years now over this and many other issues, and continues to do so, but happily we don’t have to.  Which brings us to the Happy Birthday part - tomorrow is ACIM co-scribe, Bill Thetford’s birthday.  And it is always a joy to honor him once again for his dedication, not to “figuring out” which is more important - the crucifixion or resurrection - but by demonstrating it. Despite the difficulties and challenges throughout much of his life, and many were daunting, he succeeded in practicing with enough steadfast diligence to move from the “deadened” ego state to one of “coming alive” with unspeakable joy and thanksgiving, almost unable to keep his feet, literally, on the ground.

With Bill's demonstrating in our era what is possible,  we do not have to engage in endless debates about various elements in the Christian Church at large, but follow the guaranteed practices of kindness, seeing the innocence in one another, owning and discarding judgment and hatred, following guidance, and taking total responsibility for all that occurs in our lives.

Happily, this process guarantees success regardless of one’s religious training, if any, and of any kind. So "Happy Coming Back to Life”  for all of us and a “Happy Birthday Remembrance” to dear Bill.  In his honor, we will follow our tradition of making the printed version of his biography, Never Forget To Laugh” available with a 25% discount.  

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Every blessing,


P.S. The picture used today is one of the actual church where I attended Easter Service in Kiev in 2006 located in an ancient and historic part of the city.


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