Our inherent loving nature is eternal!

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Our inherent loving nature is eternal!

Key Takeaways:

1)  Loving others insures our well-being
2)  Every moment is a new clean moment
3)  We cannot change the truth of us

Greetings to all of you!

Early in December I received an email from a lovely new friend here in Denver.  It was the second anniversary of his wife's passing and their granddaughter wrote a beautiful email I cannot resist sharing in this audio (with his permission).  I was so impressed with the conclusion of her message - “But man, at least we got to love her. How lucky were we!”  This last line speaks volumes. We’re taught to do whatever is necessary to be loved, rather than being encouraged to do the loving.  The world at large seems blind to the fact that giving, and not getting, is how to have.  That is because we live by basic immutable laws and ignorance of those laws does not  keep them from being operative in our lives. A major law is that whatever is in our minds, what we are paying attention to, becomes our experience.  Our thoughts and the focus of our attention literally create both our inner and outer experience.  They are the blueprints.  So thoughts of loving, of understanding, of good will and generosity, of appreciation and gratitude guarantee one’s well-being.  No point in lamenting the past, but choose once again now.  

The Revealing Power of Love

Bill Thetford, co-scribe of ACIM, defined love as “unconditional positive regard,” which says it all.  We can regard the presence of one another positively even if behavior is off base.  Remember that all of us are always doing the highest and best we can with the programming that is running our lives.  Our job is to continually upgrade that programming and our lives will continuously improve. Remember, our change of mind/behavior in a more loving direction doesn’t change anything about us, it simply reveals our reality to us! Have a wonderful new year, one guaranteed when you presume the  best in all others and yourself.  You always find what you are looking for!

Happiest of New Years,

Carol and Robert



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