Stay present in the Presence!


Key Takeaways:

  1. Rather than romantic love, we’ll focus on Eternal Love
  2. The present moment is the home of Loving Presence
  3. You, as the actual expression of Love, cannot leave that Source

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

The origin of this day is a strange one with many variations.  There were several Saints Valentine in the very early Christian church and they basically all met an unfortunate fate.  Yet somehow, with some help along the way down through the centuries, the association of love with this day was introduced and has persisted. Although this holiday refers to romantic love, we will change the focus to the real deal - the Presence of Love, which we all are.  At every opportunity, we want to remind ourselves that the Presence of Love is what we actually are - not what we have, but are. Our sense of identity has become so entangled with the physical body, that we have to be reminded over and over that we are way more, vastly more.  We are actual expressions of Love, and therefore always safe, always cared for, always included, and all is well. So we are invited to stay present and focused on this Presence, which is our refuge and reality by extending it, allowing it to flow through, to direct your actions, and treasuring it above all else.

Love Is Us

Just as facial expressions never leave a face and go elsewhere, we - as expressions of Love - never leave the Source of the love we re expressing.  With this awareness always with us, no need to worry about a thing.  There will be a sense of flow, ease, answers appear almost before they are asked, and a growing sense that anything that is possibly needed will be easily available. Remember, Love is expressing through us and as us, so simply stay present, follow intuition about handling whatever is immediately requiring your attention, and remember on a daily basis, you are forever the expression of Love, which is impossible to change or defile,  and nothing else.

So here’s to your best Valentine’s Day yet as you surrender to the Truth in you,

Carol and Robert


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