Stop Listening to Fake News - About yourself!!



1. Almost everything you believe about yourself is fake news.
2. That fake news comes from early childhood programming.
3. Steadily change your mind to trade in the falsehoods for the brilliant truth!


Since “fake news” has become a part of our current vocabulary, we might as well make good use of it. For our purposes today, hear this: nothing you may consider contrived, unfair, or scandalous in our public forum can possibly compare with the outrageous and total falsehood of the stories we believe about ourselves. The ideas that we are small, unimportant, lacking, or undeserving are so completely false, there are no words to describe their radically scurrilous and undermining nature.

With this fake news about ourselves so universally assumed, where does it come from? The short, uncomplicated answer is that it derives from our early programming when primarily the instinctive part of the brain related to survival is functioning. Nothing else matters if you don’t survive, so these basic false beliefs, contrived by “misconnecting the dots” in our environment, are solidly in place by the time we are two or three years old. The ability to think and filter input is not yet on line, so misunderstandings about ourselves are inevitable. The net result is a world full of people being driven by their unexamined 2-year old brain's programming, trying to stay safe. No wonder we are confused!


With accurate information, you can steadily exchange this personal fake news for something trustworthy and powerful. The first step is to reclaim your authority over your own experience, stop listening to disparaging things about yourself or others, practice changing the channel to the truth of your brilliance and creativity. Then your “grown up “ brain can direct you to the much happier and more rewarding life you deserve!

Have a wonderful day my dear ones,

Carol Howe


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