Allow yourself to be embraced by the Love of our Creator


Key Takeaways

1) "Fling yourself" into the forever waiting arms of Love itself.
2) Nothing you believe you’ve done wrong has a vote in this process.
3) Your choice to return to your Identity is offered in every moment - no questions asked

This Is Not Random

I’ve just returned from a family visit with my younger son and his family. My son and his daughter, now nearly 11, provide the most marvelous metaphor for how we’re invited to relate to our Creator, however that is defined. One thing for sure is that we come from Something in the spiritual sense. We are not a planet full of random accidents.

When my granddaughter was just old enough to walk, on hearing Daddy come in the door, she would run as fast as her little legs would allow and literally fling herself into his arms. And that unabashed adoration was returned in equal measure. There was no thought of being unworthy of that loving attention, despite whatever words or deeds may have occurred with either of them throughout the day. The assumption of total welcome was mutual and constant.

Our Own Loving Presence

In the same way, whatever is responsible for our existence awaits us with the same love, adoration, and welcome. This is key!  Our non-loving words and deeds do not count for anything.  Nor is there the possibility of “Well, I’m tired of waiting for you; I’m leaving.” Our mistakes never, ever, in any way alter the truth of our own loving presence and the ever-present option of “flinging ourselves” into the waiting embrace of Love itself.  Seems like we would do well to set aside our guilt, our assumption that we have made ourselves unworthy, which is totally impossible, and follow that little girl’s complete trust in the loving arms awaiting her!

Let’s all practice today!

With love,


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