Never Forget To Laugh!

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Never Forget To Laugh!

Key Takeaways

  1. Bill Thetford is a mentor to us all, whether a Course student, or not
  2. The Presence of guidance is always present
  3. Enjoy the FIP video

Our Friend Bill

Once again, Bill Thetford’s birthday is upon us - April 25 - and, as always, we remember our dear friend, mentor, and dedicated student of ACIM.  What the world would do without Bill and his determination both to get this Course out to the public and to practicing as best he could I can’t imagine.  And the determination payed off for millions of folks whose lives are enriched because of the essential teaching of ACIM. Bill was not only brilliant, one of the most highly regarded psychologists of his time, but with a priceless sense of humor.  Without doubt one of the funniest fellows I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet. But the characteristic that we want to follow is his absolute determination to practice this Course, no matter what.  And that determination paid off.  He was literally soaring with joy at the end of his life. Quite literally could hardly keep his feet on the ground, he was so high with his experience of love.

Your Life As A Musical Comedy

As I was finishing his biography, I asked him ( I always had a strong sense he was overseeing this writing enterprise) about the title of the book.  The manuscript was residing on my computer under the title Memories of Bill, which I knew was not the actual title.  The message I received internally, because I couldn’t actually hear or see him, was “You’ll know when you get to the end of the book.”  I countered with, “But I am at the end of the book.”  I was literally writing the Epilogue at that point.  His response: “But you’re not at the very end.”  Okay, okay  I responded.  And then - at the very end, I found myself writing:  And now, I invite you to take a brother’s or a sister’s hand, find the song in your heart, and step forward to join "Bill’s chorus.”  The best of this musical comedy of life is yet to come, and never again will we forget to laugh.

And there it was.  Indeed, at the very end of the book, the title presented itself.

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Exciting Offer

We are close to the end of an era as most of the original pioneers with ACIM are gone.  But a small handful are left.   On April 27, right after Bill’s birthday, the Foundation for Inner Peace, the original publishers of the Course, is making available a video discussing those early days, relationships and more, and featuring 3 of us still around - Roger Walsh, Jon Mundy, and myself.  Roger is now retired so I think Jon and I are the only ones left who knew one or both scribes and are still teaching. I hope you’ll have a chance to join us for our conversation.  Registration is free but you can donate if you like to support the Foundation’s work. Here is a flyer they prepared with details.  Enjoy!

Watch The Video Featuring Carol Howe, Roger Walsh, and Jon Mundy

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