Bring any problem to the real solution - the fire of transformational Love.


Key Takeaways:

  1. For true healing, put the focus of your attention on what you want, not what you don’t.
  2. Only in the Now moment, can healing occur.
  3. No circumstance can prevail when you access the fire of transformation within You.

Acceptance Is The Key

Today’s blog may appear to contradict an earlier message where we discussed seeing all thoughts, sensations, and emotions as meaningless and suggested letting them pass right on through. Today we will address “acceptance,” which is actually another version of the same process. Anything you resist you give great power to since you have to focus on it in order to resist it. That steady, determined focus magnifies rather than eliminating whatever the “undesirable element” may be.

The Healing Approach

So the healing approach is to accept, allow, welcome and bring it all in through the “portal” of your heart. (Notice how you are changing the focus and nature of your attention.) It doesn’t matter what the “it”may be, transformation will occur. The only circumstance where change is possible is “right here, right now” - the present Now. Only Now has power, because only in this Now experience do you access the healing fire of transformation that resides at the heart of your being, known also as the Holy Spirit. HS has been represented by fire down through the ages because when you bring anything close to You, transformation occurs - not by an act of will, but through the power of love that you are.

This healing process is guaranteed to bring you greater peace, no matter what the issue you are “attempting to fix” might be. When all that resistance and making war finally fails, try bringing the problem to the real solution residing always at the core of your very being right Here and right Now. Always available, always effective. Happy practicing!

Love to all of you,


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