42 Years of Spiritual Transformation Through the Power of A Course In Miracles (ACIM)


Key Takeaways:

1) For those to whom it calls, the Course is a fabulous aid in changing your mind about YOU!
2) Our fellow human beings are essential in helping us identify our life-undermining guilt.
3) Practicing seeing ourselves and others differently, beyond the behavior and words, is the key to happiness.

Four Decades of Change

It is an honor to celebrate my 42nd anniversary with A Course In Miracles! To say it’s been life-changing is a radical and total understatement. I had an extensive background in all things metaphysical and more when the Course arrived in my life and it was still daunting. I cannot fathom what it must be like for someone with little experience to open those books and read that introduction. No wonder the books sit on so many shelves for a dozen or more years! But we rely on the wisdom of the message itself to captivate us. So many people have told me that they could feel the truth coming up through the words and so do I. It's fascinating that people from literally all over the world and from all walks of life down through the years have used that same language - the truth coming through the words. And so it does.

The Core Message

As I continually mention, this Course will be more effective and efficient if you start off being dedicated to practicing a new way of regarding yourself. Its message is actually simple: We are convinced we’re guilty, which always calls for and delivers certain punishment. Along come people behaving badly (turns out they are mimicking what we accuse ourselves of) and we have two choices about how to respond. Blame them as the bad one, attack us both, and maintain guilt all around - a very self-defeating choice. Or - understand we were both mistaken in ourselves and how to live, reduce our “crimes in common" to mistakes, and be willing (here’s the key word) to see the love, light, and innocence in all concerned that is present beyond the behavior.

The Only Real Choice

You can try to make life about something other than this simple binary choice, but you will not succeed. This is the key - steadily release guilt, and thereby, steadily experience more goodness, fun, peace, and happiness as the ever-new normal. And ACIM, for many of us, is the most comprehensive companion available for accomplishing this most important goal in the world!

With love and happy practicing to all,


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