Special Audio - Chapter 31 of A Course In Miracles

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Special Audio - Chapter 31 of A Course In Miracles

Please Read Before Listening

This offering will be a divergence from our usual blog format. Out of the blue, I suddenly got the sense that I needed to record the last chapter of A Course In Miracles. Unlike the ACIM lessons to which I have added commentary, this “mission” was merely to read it. It’s long and you may wish to listen over several sessions rather than all at once. It’s a synopsis of the entire teaching and my personal all-time favorite chapter. There were times in my earlier days with the Course that I would simply read this chapter over and over again - never tiring of its message.

About half way through it begins to address how/why we create a self-concept (we might use words like ego, story of me, or personal self - all the same thing) This will all sound very familiar to those acquainted with our work. Also, there are places where the pronouns Him and He are used and are referring to God, or All That Is. Hopefully the context will be sufficient for you not to be confused about that which is being referenced. If you find anything to be unclear, please consult your textbook where you will see which pronouns are capitalized, or not.

So possibly close your eyes as you listen and let it speak to you directly, specifically, and with very much love and understanding.

Love to all and enjoy this wonderful chapter,


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