Who Knew?! - The Front Loader Can Show Us How To Process The World :)


Hi to all of you,

Who would ever guess that a front loader had something valuable to offer besides picking up construction and other debris!  Well, it does.  If we notice what a front loader can and cannot do with what it scoops up, we learn something valuable.  It can do nothing but pick up whatever falls within the width of the shovel.  It has no physical ability to separate, discriminate, or divide the contents it scoops up into separate compartments.  It simply picks up everything in its path. Any separating of items is done later by some other means, not part of our example.  If we can be as indiscriminate as a front loader about allowing ourselves to experience everything that comes our way, either circumstances or emotions, rather than trying to compartmentalize with the intention of rejecting some and accepting others, we can reach our peace of mind much faster.

Remember, what you accept with open heart and mind can be transformed very quickly.  On the other hand, you will never escape what you resist.  To find out a great deal more about this, check out our online video courses so you’ll never have to wonder again how this process works!

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