Do you want healing? Convey to all -"You're not guilty"


Hi everyone,

We sure are glad you’re joining us for these quick reminders that can so powerfully change our lives.  See how rich your life can become when you choose, with single-minded dedication, that everyone you meet should know their innocence.  No matter how it’s conveyed, through thought, word, deed, or a smile on your face, let your message be, “You’re innocent, you do not deserve to be punished, I’m glad I’m here with you, and all is well.”  When this is truly your goal, you can count on blessings pouring into your life in the most unexpected and unforeseen ways.  Only you close the door to your healing when you choose to see guilt in yourself or others.  We all make endless mistakes, but they are for releasing, not for punishing.

Aren’t you tired of punishing yourself?  Today is a great day to stop!  Come check out all our assorted materials and courses to help you do just that.

Happy viewing!



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