The ego as a role to release, not a monster to be slain!


Key Takeaways

  1. The ego is not bad, merely “a made-up story" we hear so much about these days.
  2. Operating out of the notion that we are a separate object blinds us to the love and peace we are and have.
  3. No harm has been done; we’ve just taken a “detour” from truth for a little while. :)

In psychological and spiritual circles there is endless conversation about the ego and the fact that it is in the way of our happiness and peace. Therefore, seems like we should know more about it if we’re to take meaningful steps toward our freedom from it. The ego is a set of acquired unexamined beliefs, notions, programming, cultural conditioning, “shoulds and oughts,” and defenses. It is the sense of being a separate individual self, an object, that is unrelated to anything or anyone else. Note this important word - object. This network of falsehoods presumes, with certainty, that we are primarily a body and somewhere consciousness resides within it.

This is both entirely false and also not our actual experience if we pay attention. Notice one normally states, “I have a body” or "I am doing or saying xxx.” What’s this “I” that is commenting on what the body/sense of separate self is doing or saying? It obviously must be something that is primary to, not contained in, a body or these observations would not be possible. So we are the very opposite of a separate self; we are conscious awareness that is aware of everything including what the body/ego is up to. All experience, including the role of “separate self” appears within this conscious awareness. So our job is to notice all this programming that we so rigorously defend and steadily let it go, gradually dropping the role of being “someone.” As we make this our highest priority, life shines, healing occurs, and all is well!

Have a revealing time today watching and smiling as you note your ego and its antics.

Love to all,
Carol Howe


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