The Ego Mind - The Greatest "Con-Artist" of All!


Key Takeaways:

1) The ego mind, always intent on getting, is a master at “bait and switch"
2) Trusting this ego mind defrauds us of our peace at every turn
3) Our happiness and peace increase as we give it - the only way we can experience the loving kindness always available to us

Our Ego Mind Is An Expert With ONLY One Thing

I surely trust your new year is beginning in a helpful way for you. By this time it should be old news that the allegiance to the ego mind is our greatest problem, masking all the loving and helpful options that are actually here for us. So what is a “con-artist” and how does the ego qualify as an expert? “Con" stands for “confidence” so our ego mind presents itself as here for us, on our side, and looking out for our best interests. Once lured into believing that ego has our best interests, or that of others’s, at heart, we follow its orders, suggestions, and commands.

Once we trust it to look out for us, it then switches to its real mission of “getting" - getting love, approval, opportunity, what’s missing, etc from others, which never works. Mostly, it wants attention. Since it is an artificial construct, it needs constant “feeding” to continue to seem to be real, important, and on your side.

Our ONLY Solution For Liberation

Since the ego is not helping, but hindering our experience of peace and safety, what’s our solution? Be here now where love and peace are built in. They do not need to be acquired, but liberated through our offering all our good will and helpfulness to others. What we offer, we experience and increase within ourselves. No need for that con-artist after all!

Every blessing to all of you,
Carol Howe


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