Endless Gratitude for the Power of Choice!


Key Takeaways

1)  We are choosing, in every moment, to experience life though the lens of peace or conflict, innocence or guilt, love or fear
2)  We can make a new choice at every moment and there is no actual power to override or interfere with that choice
3)  Mercifully, every better, more loving choice that anyone makes benefits everyone everywhere.  Awesome news!

The Core of Gratitude

I surely do hope you all are reflecting periodically over this holiday weekend on all that feels like a blessing in your life.  There is certainly much to be thankful for in our “time and space” lives and I count myself among those who are deeply grateful for family, friends, health, opportunity to do what I love, and most recently, for a brand new little grandson whom I will meet in person in January!

But the true core of our endless gratitude is for knowing that the foundation for all worldly experience, ranging from fabulous to ghastly, rests in our individual hands and nothing and no one can interfere. Others may appear to play the roles of the “villains or detractors” but we hand them the scripts and they are players in our drama.  How does this happen? At any moment, we are choosing to focus on the details and circumstances before us through the lens of innocence or guilt, love or fear, peace or conflict directed toward ourselves or others.  And which choice we make determines entirely the nature of our lives.  And when the details and quality of life are upsetting or undesirable in any way, we have the option at that very moment to choose again.  And the best news of all is that nothing and no one can interfere with that choice.  All past deeds and words have vanished and have no effect.  Only the choice of attitude at this moment counts.  So choose wisely and often as that change of attitude and focus is guaranteed to change the “unsatisfactory outer life experience” no matter how minor or major.

Join Together In Our True Inheritance

And as a final note, let’s all offer deep gratitude for everyone everywhere, known or unknown, who is determined to live this much happier and saner life since every single one of us reaps the benefits collectively as any one of us makes those life-affirming choices for love, peace, and innocence - our true inheritance.  Disowning our true inheritance is hardly a wise choice, so every instant, mercifully we can alway choose again!

Sending much gratitude and blessing your way!


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