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Today I’m going to introduce you to a “mobius” strip for those of you who are not mathematicians.  Not to worry, there will not be a test.  But a mobius strip is perfect for demonstrating that what "appears to be" is not not necessarily factual.  We are told in all teachings of non-duality plus our modern science that a purely objective world that is the same for everyone is a myth.  

The Truth of Our Experience

The truth is that we each perceive our individual worlds through our own perceptional apparatus - our 5 senses - and that our perceptions are highly individual and totally dependent on what we believe, value, and pay attention to. Our goal is to clean up our perception, change what we value, so that we see everything with more love, trust, openness, and good will.  What we experience in the world through relationships, work, health and more is a function of the “lens through which we see.”  We want to make sure they are clean, accurate ones.

For lots more info about how this works and the imperative we have to keep changing our minds if we want to be happy and safe, just visit us here.  link  You’ll be SO glad you did!

With love and Godspeed in changing your perception,


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