Happy Father’s Day to all fathers and father figures!


Key Takeaways

  1. We all have the perfect fathers for our own healing agenda.
  2. Parents and children are mirrors for each other.
  3. When we let go of our limitations, parents “mysteriously” change.

The Healing Beauty of Parents

Today we give special honor and thanks to all our fathers in the recognition they were/are all perfect for assisting us with our healing - the purpose of being here.  And, as with all of us, they deserve only love and blessing, no matter what.  

Parenting is hard work and none of us are given an instruction manual about how to do this correctly.  It’s rather like trying to drive along a freeway full speed ahead with a sack over your head! 

Value The Difficult As Much As The Easy

Remember -  there is a very close “mirroring” effect between parents and children so we can learn a great deal about both ourselves and them by remaining mindful of this fact.  Therefore, appreciate them when they’re at their best and understand them when they aren’t.  In all cases, our relationships with parents shift and change as WE change our minds and let go of our guilt. As ACIM states, “When I’m’ healed, I’m not healed alone.”

This Relationship Can Help Release You

The story in this video that demonstrates exactly how you can change the relationship with your father if it needs “mending.”  I couldn’t have been more surprised at the result of my release!  

And once again, directly to all you fathers, we deeply honor and appreciate all that you do and are!

Love to all,


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