If It’s Love vs. the Problem, Love Always Prevails



1) Love is the ever-present transforming agent in life
2) Total acceptance (not resignation) brings the “issue” to Love’s presence
3) A heartfelt Thank You to firefighters everywhere!


I had an first-of-a-kind adventure a few evenings ago - the house behind me was totally destroyed in a fire. Not just random flames coming out of doors or windows, but a solid wall of fire 50 feet, or so, high and extending from one end of the house to the other! My house is quite sound-proof and since I was not in the part of the house facing that direction, I had no idea this was happening until a neighbor came running over, shouting, “The house behind you is on fire!” It was shocking to see, especially since part of their outdoor deck was very close to my fence! Fire trucks arrived a few minutes later to start the massive undertaking of putting it out and preventing its spreading through the huge trees in the area. After working many hours into the night they finally succeeded. Very, very impressive work!


When all was quiet the next day, I pondered, “What was this startling and unexpected “lesson” for?” Happily, though a bit surprising, it was a painless one. Immediately, the answer: This, for me, was representing the fire of the Holy Spirit, the very core of our being, that consumes all that is not loving when offered to it. To be clear, the problem doesn’t stand a chance when brought to love for healing just as that house definitely did not have a vote about whether to be burned up, or not. To put this in context, I had an impossible-to-describe inner experience many years ago when I actually “watched” thoughts vanish into nothingness as they approached this fire of the Holy Spirit. They simply instantly ceased to exist. Thus, the point is to accept everything, resist nothing - whether thoughts, feelings, or behavior - and transformation will occur through an inner process not of our making. But one that always works.

So enjoy the video and we can all deepen our commitment to allowing transformation to occur rather than trying to “fix” things from a place of “this shouldn’t be happening.”

Every blessing to all,


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