Where Is Our Attention Focused? A Spider and Frog Story


Key Takeaways

1) An ancient teaching - what you focus your powerful attention on has a counterpart in your world
2) What you resist, persists
3) Release you fear and discover you are safe


Our Purpose And Principle

Sometimes it’s good to clarify our purpose for coming together here. There are many principles about “how life works” that have been handed down for thousands of years. They must work or they would have simply been abandoned from lack of effectiveness long ago.

The principle offered today (again) is that what you focus your super powerful attention upon with emotional energy behind it - either desire or resistance - can mysteriously appear in your experience. For today’s example, a couple of years ago my younger son and his family were visiting and the set-up is that my darling daughter-in-law seriously doesn’t like frogs and is quite freaked out over spiders.

Seeing Attention In Action

A couple of days into their visit, she called me with alarm in her voice to come see a large frog that was adhering to the guest bathroom mirror, the one they were using. The next evening, the kids were in my bedroom for some reason and all of a sudden she started calling for help and pointing to a truly huge spider crawling up the wall at the head of my bed. Again, I don’t remember seeing but one or two small spiders, if that, over all these years and nothing remotely like this. Probably at least six inches, or more, across with those very long legs. I jumped up on my bed and managed to capture the spider just before it was out of reach.

So here you have it. Twenty-eight years of living in my house with no trace of large frogs and virtually no spiders (about which I have no concerns) UNTIL the girl who mightily resists them comes to visit. And suddenly there they are. But never again. Interesting?


Carol Howe


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