Following Guidance Can Save Your Life!


Key Takeaways:

1) Following guidance is the only sane choice
2) It doesn’t matter if your ego understands or approves
3) When the energy fades out of a place or situation, it’s a sign to move on - sometimes literally

This Is Essential

Here’s a video with a very brief summary of the way guidance has directed where I have lived on the planet. And you may be sure that these moves were not directed by my ego mind, but strictly by guidance showing up in very different and surprising ways: the energy simply disappeared, feeling a sense of dying, or in this last case, nearly literally dying. Each time, it has been apparent that my time in that place or circumstance has concluded. The endings were, and are, the result of lessons having been learned, issues resolved, guilt released, and gifts given. So now it’s on to the next chapter of self-discovery and new ways to present the only message that matters for all of us - how to release guilt, own our innocence, and live the lives we were created to live!. You will always sense when an aspect of your life is complete and it’s time to move on in some way. It’s essential to follow this guidance to your own next step since to do otherwise is, as chapter 23 of the ACIM text recounts, to war against yourself. Really a bad idea!

The Ego Shouldn't Get A Vote

Since guidance and intuition are basically the same, remember that you are always either following that intuition or your learned defensive responses about what you think will keep you safe. With following intuition, you will always ultimately feel better, and following your ego, you will always essentially feel worse. So follow those inclinations, whether they make sense to your intellectual mind, or not. Best not to give the ego a chance to “vote” in these life-altering decisions.

Also, reminding you - in case you missed the message before - that the audiobook of the ACIM Text is finally available and the link to order is below. It can help in so many ways, including possibly saving your life. I think listening to it literally saved mine!

With love and peace to all,


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