You are not divorced from Love, but forever its expression!


Key Takeaways:

1) Sure enough, there really is only one problem and one solution
2) That problem is thinking you are on your own, divorced from Love and in need of “getting"
3) The solution is choosing to experiment with “giving," which always guarantees a happy outcome

There Is Only, Ever, One Problem

Let’s keep this simple and take another step toward realizing there really is only one problem, despite the fact that they appear to be myriad and endless. Don’t be fooled by form! All problems are the result of self-centeredness with the attendant focus on a “getting what I need to survive” mode rather than “giving because I am an expression of Love and always have plenty!” realization. To expect to somehow experience happiness and your heart’s desire in all things while at the same time declaring you don’t have them is a pointless and exhausting exercise.

Express Your Own Loving Nature

Remember we always have a binary choice - we can be right or happy. Being right is terribly important to egos since, being an artificial construct, they always feel under siege in some way and being right somehow confers validity. Or so we think. Being happy is the natural result of giving, expressing our own loving nature and that can occur in so many ways. Remember, you are not divorced from love, just not expressing it. For example, imagine something as ridiculous as being told that the dancer will appear on one part of the stage but the movements of that dancer will appear on the other side. Impossible - dancer and dancing are not two separate things, but one beautiful wholeness. Same with us. We are always an expression of Love and now our job is to actively cooperate with that fact. You’ll love the result - much better than that long hard slog through life pretending you are all alone and deprived!

With love to all,


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