Forgiveness - A great lesson in what it is not!


Greetings to you all,

In my many decades of teaching and counseling, I can safely say that no one in the beginning understands what this crucially important process of forgiveness is all about.  We’ve been taught it’s pardoning - overlooking words or behavior we were just certain were the assorted causes of our pain and distress.  It is not pardoning so watch this video to see the distress our confusion over this topic brings to us. Also, note that forgiveness is not a state to be attained, but a way of living to be embraced from now on.  Remember, after eating dinner tonight, you won’t proclaim, “Now I’m done; won’t have to eat ever again.”  We continue to eat, sleep, breathe, move through our daily lives, and forgive until our very last days. And, if you do make forgiveness a priority, you surely will like how all those days unfold!

So much of our work is about this process of true forgiveness, do check it out here:

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