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When we think about the idea of Independence Day, I call your attention to one of the most famous novels of all time, "Les Miserables" by Victor Hugo and the blockbuster musical production based on it. What can be so compelling about a novel/musical focusing on The Miserables, also translated into The Wretched, The Poor, The Victims, The Dispossessed to name a few?  Because the work is really about redemption, which in our heart of hearts we all long for and why this speaks to so many all over the world so deeply.

At the outer level, on this occasion the US celebrates the independence from the tyranny of “mad King George,” and in the ACIM world, we also celebrate Bill Thetford’s glorious exit from his worldly experience on this day.  He declared on that morning of July 4, 1988 that it was his independence day and shortly thereafter suddenly, and without warning, died at the beginning of his daily morning walk in a state of indescribable joy.

Enjoy this 7 minute clip of the special encore of the 10th anniversary of Les Mis at the Royal Albert Hall in London.  It is a triumphant spectacle with 17 men from as many different countries who all played that lead role of Jean Valjean joining the cast of the anniversary performance and demonstrating the glory and blessing of coming together with a single purpose of redemption rather than small divided purposes of “getting our way.”

In all cases we celebrate our steady, ongoing release of guilt, grievances, and “otherness,” as the path to freedom and deep peace of mind.


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