Peace on earth, good will toward men


Key Takeaways

  1. Operating with good will toward others is the path to our own peace of mind.
  2. WE cannot hear too often that “when we are healed, we are never healed alone".
  3. Be reminded of how life truly works in the most novel and entertaining way possible

Always A Win-Win

From the time we are very small, we hear the lyrics of songs promoting “Peace on earth, good will toward men” at holiday time. Now if we practice this in addition to singing the songs, we find that good will toward others is very practical as well! Today’s little video recounts an adventure my husband and I had in Ecuador many year ago where friendliness and good will rescued us from a very difficult situation and possibly even saved our lives!

Good will sets the tone for any interaction and is definitely a win/win. Not only are others supported and acknowledged by our display of good will, but the amazing law of “ what you offer to others is increased in yourself” never fails to be operative. It feels good to live in an undefended manner where we are assuming and looking for the good in others. ACIM is very clear that “when we’re healed, we’re not healed alone” so relationships and encounters with others grounded in an atmosphere of good will is our fast track to ever-increasing peace of mind. Remember that peace of mind is only possible when we feel safe from attack. And we are the ones who insure that safety by the attitudes we cultivate and display.

Discovering How Life Actually Works

This video includes an abbreviated version of our encounter with some native Ecuadorians in the jungle while searching for the Colorado indians, so named because they paint themselves up with red berry juice and Colorado mean “colored red.” The longer version of this story is included in one of the modules of our signature online course, See How Life Works, and we surely invite you to check it out! Enjoy this story and countless others which feature examples of the core principles and teachings of ACIM. Discovering how life actually works has never been more fun!

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