Give Thanks For All The Disappointments


Key Takeaways

  1. In addition to gratitude for our good fortune, it would be reasonable to be grateful for our disappointments due to all the priceless wisdom to be gained therefrom.
  2. Our purpose is to remove blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence, and becoming aware of those blocks is sometimes challenging.
  3. We are vastly better off as fear and old programming is released and our kindness and good will allowed to shine.

Thanks For All That Has Gone Wrong

We all are accustomed to giving thanks on this special holiday in the US and focus more attention than usual to all that is good, comforting, and rewarding in our lives. Now I would propose that we also give deep thanks for all that has gone wrong, when we have been disappointed, where things have not worked out as we had hoped - in general those areas where the ego, personal self, has not gotten its way, been thwarted, or left out. “Why in the world should we!,” you might legitimately exclaim. We should because our mission is to become aware of the blocks that obscure the ever-present experience of love, safety, peace, and deep contentment. The rocky places in life are where we are directly confronting those blocks, the old programmed elements, requirements, prohibitions, and fears that constitute the real problems. If they are not recognized, walked through and released, we remain bound, with the sense of being limited, isolated, and imprisoned until we do.

Where Love And Peace Really Are

Remember, love and peace are not absent or withheld by some uncaring force, but unrecognizable due to our very own programmed blocks. And they don’t just disappear by themselves or some intellectual process. We have to be engaged in our own self-discovery and letting go. So all the people, circumstances, situations, words, and challenges you don’t like are bringing those limiting and crippling beliefs - the real culprits - into conscious awareness where you can choose, think, and thus, respond differently. So in this video I’m sharing one of my own “awful” experiences so you will know every one of us will go (and have been) through some challenges, but boy, is it worth it!! Life is so much more rewarding on the other side of these inevitable situations.

So relax, breathe, know you are deeply supported and cared for in all of your “growing” experiences and you will increasingly see that all can ultimately be occasions of thanksgiving.

With love and lots of gratitude,


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