Guidance can appear in strange forms, but be sure to listen!


Key Takeaways:

1) Guidance is always present but often drowned out by “noise” in the mind
2) Sometimes guidance leads to a situation our egos do not like, but we will not be left there
3) And sometimes the way guidance “gets our attention” is highly unusual!

Guidance Is Always Present

Yesterday was the occasion of some very strangely presented guidance, but absolutely valid and necessary. And I might add, an addition to a growing collection of unusual ways for our ever-present guidance to get our attention. The most important fact to remember is that guidance is always present. When it seems to be absent, it isn’t - merely drowned out by the normal “noise” in our in minds related to judging, thinking, figuring out, planning, wishing, and more. So if we can practice turning down that noise, we find we are always very kindly and lovingly being directed.

The Ideal Learning Situation

Our job is to pay attention and follow both inner and outer suggestions when there is sense of uplift, the feeling of “yes,” the reoccurring helpful thoughts that won’t go away, and trust the validity of what occurs when guidance is followed. I’ve never ever been led astray by following guidance. We are told that sometimes guidance will lead us into a situation that temporarily feels painful or upsetting, but that is because it’s an ideal learning situation designed to free us of old programming and unhelpful attitudes. That is not an accident or invalid guidance so we need to take the lesson to heart and not have to repeat it elsewhere. I have been through this and can attest to the value and necessity of growing through “facing that fear and unpleasantness.”

So do not be surprised when guidance comes in strange or unusual forms as it’s all specifically tailor-made for you and your peace and happiness!

With love to all,


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