“Guidance Telegrams” - Let Them Lead the Way!


Key Takeaways

  1. Though the guidance message may be short, it plants the necessary seed to consider
  2. Guidance contains wisdom that our intellects do not
  3. Check out our models that were all designed and constructed from pure guidance

Following Our Intuition

We speak frequently of the need to follow our intuition - guidance by another name.  Possibly we miss some guidance because we expect it to be complete, intellectually comprehensible, or reasonable.  That is often not the case.  Over the course of many years, I have received what I call “guidance telegrams” - a short sentence or phrase that usually gives a directive such as “go here, apply for this job, call this person, create this project” without any fleshing out of how this is to be done.  At first this would seem to be pointless - a sentence with no details or instructions - but I’ve found that what these “telegrams” do is plant a seed, which then begins to germinate and I find myself engaged or intrigued with the possibility it suggests. And most important, every single time I follow this guidance, (which is basically always) it turns out to be exactly right, often with consequences I couldn’t have imagined would result.

The Program That Teaches You How

This process is not the private property of some, but available to all.  Everyone has access to inner guidance but trusting it and following through is essential.  Remember our intellects have only what we’ve learned or can research but guidance is an “out of time” phenomena so has access to everything.  All the large teaching models in our See How Life Works program were created that way.  I would get an “instruction” out of seemingly nowhere to make a model to show how relationships actually work, or acceptance, or forgiveness and more important concepts. Since the majority of people are visual learners, having large models with moving parts that drive home a point certainly makes sense.  And no one was more surprised than I as these “guidance telegrams” arrived over the years about designing and building these models. Do check out our See How Life Works program since these models not only make the point visually, but are often hilarious as they are presented.  As an extra bonus, besides the fun, enjoy a 20% discount using code — TELEGRAM20


With love and thanks,
Carol and Robert


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