Happy Easter - Come Back to Life with this One Practice!


Key Takeaways

  1. We’re asked to focus away from crucifixion and on to resurrection
  2. Our healing is facilitated through our relationships
  3. Give only the gift of seeing the true innocence of everyone and feel yourself come alive

Reclaim Our Birthright

My video for you today includes an abbreviated story about a specific person who embodied what Easter is all about. And what is it about? ACIM exhorts us in Chapter 20, the one that specifically discusses Easter, to stop focusing on the crucifixion this week and put our all-powerful attention on the resurrection instead. The word “resurrection" means to “come back to life,” implying we once were having a very different Life experience of love, joy, peace, innocence and more, but have lost awareness of it. Note, we have not lost these characteristics, but have focused on something else instead. So, as always, we are invited and encouraged to reclaim our birthright, to “return to life.” And how do we do that? Through our relationships, of course. ACIM is all about healing through relationships and the specifics are given us - be determined to look for and encourage the built-in innocence of everything, focus on Presence, rather than on the body and its words and deeds.

The Gift of Innocence

So we must look at and refocus our purpose for every single relationship we are in - from major to transitory. Rather than seeing relationships as a way to “get” something from another - the ego’s constant and singular goal - choose to see the innocence, the goodness, and the call for help in everyone. The gift of innocence we offer to another is generously and regularly returned to us. All gifts given to another accrue to us so refrain from giving the “gift” of seeing only words, deeds, and limitation. Choose this Easter to recommit to seeing in everyone only the best, the innocent, the right to be here and to have a happy life. Consider all unloving words and deeds in others as a plaintive and desperate call for help and choose to see them as they have not been able to see themselves. Then watch yourself and others “return to life.”

Have a wonderful and joyous Easter celebration!

With love,
Carol and Robert


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