Happy Easter & Resurrection Day! It's Time For US To Come Back To Life


Before you watch the video, an important note ---

The core event around which the Easter celebration occurs - the resurrection - is greatly misunderstood.  Therefore, this message is actually for every single person on the planet, and not just those of the Christian faith.  Also, not just those who are students of A Course In Miracles.  A few months after the Course  was formally published in June, 1976, Ken Wapnick and Helen (one of the two co-scribes of ACIM) were chatting and Helen asked, “Do you think there was really a resurrection of the body?”  To which Ken wisely replied, “Let’s ask the one involved and see what he has to say about it.”  They were then answered in a manner that is completely consistent with the utterly astounding and life-changing teachings of the Course.  Bill Thetford, the other co-scribe, ultimately typed the answer and I have a copy of it.  It’s entitled: “Was There A Physical Resurrection?” and dated Oct. 2, 1976.

You don’t want to miss this answer since the resurrection, which literally means “coming back to life,” is about You - not someone else.  We are given all we need to “come back to life” ourselves by steadily releasing the grievances and guilt that have such a fearful and deadening effect. The first phase of coming back to life is to experience a “cleaned up” version of our time and space experience, and then to move on to the love, joy, and peace completely beyond all words.

So today, be comforted by realizing every moment is a new clean option/possibility with no trace of the past to interfere and let it be dedicated to your own resurrection into the brilliance, purity, and beloved truth of your very own presence.  As the Course says, “Why wait for Heaven?” when it’s right here awaiting your waking up.

Love always,



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