Happy Independence Day for USA and Bill Thetford!


Key Takeaways

1)  If Bill could steadily change his mind to result in unspeakable joy, so can we
2)  His path was simple - practice basic lessons of ACIM
3)  Most of all, he never lost his fabulous sense of humor - taking things lightly is a “must” for us!

Joyful Liberation

Another year has flown by and another opportunity to celebrate not only the birth of our nation as independent from Great Britain, but the amazing and joyful liberation from earthly life of Bill Thetford, Co-scribe of ACIM.  Like we’re all encouraged to do, he put one foot in front of the other, day by day, following guidance, listening to others intently, releasing grievances, being helpful and asking for help, and keeping his marvelous sense of  humor.  I’m sure you’re familiar with his favorite saying (always uttered with a smile),  “I know it’s hopeless, just not serious!”  This video contains a few quick stories that were not included in the book, Never Forget To Laugh, as there was not an appropriate category in which to place them.  But they all confirm that Bill, indeed, was somehow specifically present and helpful as this book was unfolding.  And so many readers have indicated they have felt his presence also - he’s been one busy guy!!  😊

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Have a wonderful holiday celebration and much love to all,


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