Happy New Year - Start With A Clean Slate By Choosing Love Over Fear


Greetings to all and Happiest of New Years!

Nothing like a new clean slate, and although always available, we tend to be more inspired to “start over” with each new January 1.  So this year, we would be wise to be dedicated to more love and less judgment, more willingness to be led and less “I’m sure I already know how life should be lived.”  Willingness is the key.  We have all the assets we need for a fabulous, safe, and rewarding life but we have to turn toward them, prefer them, and cultivate them.  “Presence" doesn’t come running after our distracted mind, but preferring it allows it to come into our awareness.

The rewards of choosing love over fear/judgment have been extolled for centuries, but it always bears repeating. We feel better, safer, more powerful, have access to more wisdom, abundance, and sense of freedom. The ego mind promises that, but never actually delivers.  So we're excited to begin this new year and we hope you are, too.  We’ll continue to do everything we can to aid you in increasing that willingness to choose love on your own behalf.  You deserve no less!

A marvelous way to increase that willingness and see how all this works is to check out our signature video online program aptly entitled "See How Life Works."  It will surely speed you on your way to a much happier 2019 - faster!

With love, peace, and certainty that all is well,

Carol and Robert


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