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We have an epidemic of anxiety and no one knows exactly why. It’s time to examine this challenging emotion with a  different lens. What if it’s not a scourge to be hidden or medicated away, but an unrecognized clue that leads to finding true peace of mind?  Many people who experience anxiety have no idea where it comes from or what to do about it other than take medications.  For those who would prefer a different and permanent solution, you’ve come to the right place. Here we will show you the 2-Step PROVEN solution for managing and rising above anxiety. We know it works because we use it ourselves.

Anxiety is the result of a particular combination of chemicals in the body created in the brain. Medications are designed to artificially restore the body’s chemistry to a more healthful and comfort-inducing state.  It’s possible and much more desirable to restore the body’s chemistry, and thus how you feel, without the use of medication.  The secret is to change your mind.

You might ask, “How can that work? What do thoughts have to do with it?”  EVERYTHING!

Different types of thoughts, ranging from loving, compassionate, empathetic to hateful, frightening, and grasping, automatically instruct the brain to create chemicals to match.  If we feel loving, open, accepting, and safe, we operate out of the neo-cortex or front part of the brain and create chemicals resulting in  a state of well-being and deep peace.  If we feel hateful, afraid, or isolated, we operate out of the more primitive back part of the brain and create the “fight or flight” stress-related chemicals that keep us stirred up and agitated.  After all, those chemicals were originally designed to aid us in times of great physical danger - escaping from the jaws of the lion!  

What is happening, perhaps unknown to us, is that when we operate out of the fear-driven, primitive brain we are constantly sending in the order for more “fight or flight” hormones so we can escape what seems to threaten us - not the jaws of the lion these days, more like a fear of being “found out, of not being okay, of failing.” When we’re afraid of anything, tangible or intangible, we seek to escape.  What we fear is irrelevant to the body’s systems.  All it knows is that a request for adrenaline (and other chemicals toxic to the body over a prolonged period), to fight or flee has been issued and it responds without hesitation.  

Although most people may not entirely comprehend or identify with these origins of anxiety, there is a wealth of information about the more relevant topic of what to do about it.  Our DVD series will help you understand more about how we unknowingly create our problems and then try to solve them in a counterproductive manner so disastrous to peace of mind and overall health.  AND - clearly show you how to proceed in a manner that guarantees relief.  

There are TWO VITAL STEPS for dealing with anxiety. We must first calm the chemicals flowing in the body and then we can tame the thoughts that created them in the first place:

Calm the Chemicals

In order to deal with the thoughts and beliefs that have brought the anxiety forth we must first deal with the immediate body chemistry imbalance:

Breathe deeply at least 3 times - in through your nose and out through your mouth. 

Assure yourself with this language, “I am safe and I am loved.” (repeat slowly three times) 

Whatever the situation where you notice the anxiety, encourage yourself with, “I now choose to see this differently.”

Tame the Thoughts

Practice Acceptance. Normally when anxiety comes, we run to some type of addiction to soothe the feeling (food, alcohol, drugs, friendships, television, etc). Instead, when the discomfort arrives, give yourself permission to sit with it; open your arms and allow the feeling to just be. I know this sounds scary, but anxiety stays anchored into place when we resist its presence.  It can literally move through and beyond us the moment we decide to allow it.

Ask yourself, “Why do I not feel safe?” and give your mind a moment of silence to see if the answer comes. Sometimes the anxiety stems from the non-verbal parts of our experience so the best way to identify the trigger is to notice your current surroundings.  What may have led to a sense of feeling unsafe? Going to a party, talking in front of people, turning in an assignment?

Challenge the Chatter. See if you can hear the voice in your mind endlessly saying negative and unhelpful things? This voice prolongs your distress and keeps you feeling anxious. Don’t fight the chatter; choose not to pay attention. Only old, unexamined habits and not realizing its destructive nature keeps us from tuning into a new station, a new voice.

Remember, anxiety is not the enemy, but a friend asking for a more enlightened interpretation of the events and circumstances in our lives. The See How Life Works DVD series offers a wealth of information about the underlying foundations of anxiety, practices, tips, and specific methods  for learning and owning healthy skills.  Best of all, it offers permanent solutions for its release and the series is fun and often hilarious.



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