Healing Attitudes - a Great Way to Start the Year!

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Healing Attitudes - a Great Way to Start the Year!

Key Takeaways:

1)  No peace is possible without a shift in attitude from fear to love
2)  We experience what we offer to others
3)  Watch Dr. Jerry Jampolsky, founder of Attitudinal Healing, discuss his own road to peace of mind.

Children Are Our Teachers

In case there is a stumbling block or two on your path to the happiness you so richly deserve, here are some important thoughts. With the world in turmoil in so many areas, an attitudinal shift surely seems called for. A dear friend of mine, the late Dr. Gerald Jampolsky, coined the phrase, Attitudinal Healing. He was a child psychiatrist and brilliant at his work. In 1975, he started the first Attitudinal Healing Center in Tiburon, CA. As part of his work, he dealt with many children with terminal illnesses and was inspired by their attitudes and lack of fear of death.

 As a result of seeing the positive effects of Jerry's approach on these special needs children, their parents and siblings wanted an opportunity to participate as well. They did, and the rest is history. The ideas have now been transmitted throughout the world and AH Centers exist in many countries. The main message is that we are “never upset for thte reason we think,” Lesson 5 in ACIM, and that we can continue to choose again, at any moment, to offer and thus experience, loving kindness, understanding, and good will. Jerry was one of the first students of A Course In Miracles and certainly helped to change the lives of millions with his simple, straightforward approach so central to his books and personal appearances

The Message Is Ageless

We had the good fortune to film a program entitled Attitudinal Healing several years ago as Jerry, his wife Diane, and I dive into the aspects and benefits of Attitudinal Healing. Since the message is ageless, we want you to have an opportunity to join with us in healing our attitudes. This program is designed for anyone who desires a happier, more peaceful way of living. Although he was interviewed on endless radio and TV programs worldwide, this piece is the only one filmed where we could discuss AH on his terms, rather than answering the questions of others. One of Jerry's hallmarks was simplicity, so this program is suitable for a wide age range - from teenagers to senior citizens. Because we want to do our part in the healing of attitudes for all who are called to a happier and more peaceful life, we are offering you another special rate for this program as we all start a new year with new motivation to change our minds!

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We look forward to your joining the conversation here as we discuss the purpose and practice of healing our attitudes.

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