How to regain peace in any situation

How we regain peace

We never actually succeeded in separating ourselves from our Source except in the dreams of the ego. In reality there is no problem to solve because no peace of mind lost. All that can be, and must be, done is to shift our attention from conflict to peace, and thus our experience from fear to love - away from the misguided ego mind to the truth of our inherently loving selves.

The Holy Spirit, or our innate guidance, offers a simple, easy-to-use alternative when we are ready to clean house and hire a new “staff” to guide us. Learn how to do this with our 7th film - See How Guidance Works. We always have the ability to choose peace of mind once again and the ego has no ability to interfere once we see it for what it is, reclaim our power, and change our minds about how we respond to all things. And that response will always be one of loving kindness.



Instead of seeing other circumstances and people "out there" as enemies, let’s choose to see them as our saviors instead. Experience this with our 3rd Film - See How Relationships Work. We randomly chose to make them our enemies through the process of projection (the ego will always serve up plenty of corroborating evidence) and we can just as easily now regard them as our partners in salvation. And seeing “enemies” causes stress, anxiety, and fear - not what we should be asking for if our goal is peace of mind. Since we are weaving this tale as we go along, we can decide that “others” are all innocent and deserve to have all mistakes forgiven (totally overlooked, not just pardoned). You would be amazed at how generosity of spirit relieves pressure and silences the secret question, “What’s wrong with me?”

If we choose to selectively perceive these others as innocent and interested in our welfare, we don’t feel the need to withdraw or hold ourselves back in order to be safe in their presence. Feeling safe, we can listen attentively, be fully present, offer love and good will to others, thus eliminating stress and strengthening life-affirming choices in ourselves. Learn more in our 4th Film - See How Forgiveness Works.

Since what you have is what you give, the more we offer ourselves to others with joy, love, abundance and union, the more we will recognize and experience joy, love abundance and union as who we are and what is ours in limitless supply. You ALWAYS have more of what you give, as we are "built" to extend, and when we do, depression vanishes.

4.     As we continue this pattern of giving only what we want to experience, ignoring the false notions about “getting” the ego wants us to believe, we transfer from the dismal, ego-driven, self-defeating programming loop to another set of instructions where we increasingly teach ourselves that:

·       Our first premise that we separated ourselves was/is, indeed, false.

·       Separation is not a problem or a sin, but an insane idea that can now be discarded.

·       We remain as we were created - perfect and innocent and loving.

Joining, rather than separating, is what works in all situations to bring us joy. Thus, joining becomes the ultimate in self-help or personal growth.



The only meaningful endeavor is to identify and discard the false beliefs we hold about ourselves.  As we drop the beliefs, one by one, our images of ourselves steadily change.  This is the move from false perception to true perception.  It is also the move from conflict to peace of mind, resulting in healing and transformation. See this happen in our 6th Film - See How Healing Works.

Focusing on the constant, unchanging truth about ourselves leads to peace of mind, healing and recovery, and guidance for living a safe and stable life.

Focusing on the collection of false beliefs, teachings of the world, leads to conflict and ego, confusion and possibly depression. 

These two perspectives represent two entirely different points of view with no compromise or intersection. Learn more with our 8th Film - See How Choice Works. You cannot combine some elements from both, thinking they each have something important to offer. Only love and happiness offer what you really want!




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