I Could See Peace Instead of This! - Carol Howe's ACIM perspective on Ukraine


Key Takeaways

  1. Every thought we entertain has power and effects in this world.
  2. We are each the first recipient of what we think “others” should experience.
  3. The ego demands war for its artificial maintenance, but the Truth of us is only peace.

Thoughts and Attitudes Matter

Now is the perfect time to take our practice of peace of mind to a new level. It’s also the time to realize that what we consider our “own” attitudes toward war and peace actually really matter! Our thoughts and attitudes may appear to be private since we may not speak or generally telegraph what they are. But, be assured there is no such thing as our thoughts being ineffective or impotent. So, with the conflagration going on in Eastern Europe, now is the perfect time to examine our own attitudes and beliefs about peace - who’s responsible for it and where it comes from. Although contrary to what we’ve been taught, our focus of attention has great power and must be used wisely.

Life Doesn't Understand Pronouns

The key to making the best choice about the general nature of our thoughts is to remember that we are always the first recipient of what we think “others” should experience. One cannot “export” ill will to others, and expect to escape thereby. If you choose to see “bad behavior” on an individual or national scale as really a call for help, your response will be appropriate and healing for all concerned and greater peace will be your’s. If you choose that “they” should be condemned or punished, be assured you will not escape your own request. Remember, Life does not know about pronouns and what you think anyone else “should” experience” will definitely play out in your life in some manner. So in the final analysis, caring about the well-being of all, knowing that all non-loving behavior is a call for help, is the greatest guarantee of safety and well-being.

I surely do wish all of you well!

Love and peace to all,


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