Your Inner Guidance Is Like Your Truck's GPS - It Could Save Your Life!


Key Takeaways

  1. Driving through fog in the mountains can cause you to run off a cliff; leading your life in a fog of fear wrecks your peace of mind.
  2. You have a brilliant built-in GPS system always available to guide you.
  3. It’s your job to reduce the fear in order to “hear!"


When You Are Lost

Well, we have to talk about guidance some more because it’s so central to the peaceful functioning of our lives.  Not only the peaceful function, but the safe one!  Sometimes guidance will literally save your life.  Such was the case, potentially, in the story below.  Possibly you have driven in unsafe conditions - a snowstorm, fog, pounding rain - where you can’t see where you’re going.  If you have, you know how unsettling it is not knowing the conditions just ahead so you can make any accommodations that might be required.  Living life in a fog of fear, without your own inner wisdom or guidance, is equally hazardous to your well-being and safety.

The Guilt Cycle

Here’s the fog-producing “guilt sequence" that must be changed:  Feeling guilty is an unspoken request for punishment, fear of punishment turns on the stress response, being stressed causes you not to think straight, and the sense of living in a fog is the result.  This foggy mind masks the ever-present guidance so you are “flying blind,” can’t see the next life-affirming step, can’t access needed information or feel the safety that underlies your existence.

What We Can Do

Our job is to undo this sequence by knowing we’ve made mistakes, but haven’t ruined anything permanently.  This allows you to release guilt, continue to open up, turn off stress response, reclaim your clarity and there it is!  Guidance in many forms just when you need it - truly a gift from Love itself.

With love to all,

Carol Howe


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