What Is Intuition? Learn About How This Powerful Cellular "Intelligence" Creates A Life Of Supportive Growth



1. Grand effects may come from what appears to be a small beginning
2. Do what your guidance directs and do not evaluate the outcome
3. Confirmation appears in unexpected ways


We all know a huge tree oak tree comes from a very small acorn and take for granted that some mysterious force causes this amazing metamorphosis.  In other areas of life, of course, that same formula applies - a small thought can grow into a life-changing situation.  Here’s an example of that mysterious process in action.  Many years ago (May,1982), Dr. Jerry Jampolsky and I were planning a brainstorming session about some future projects, and in anticipation of that, my intuition said, “Jerry and John Denver need to meet.”


I thought this was a pretty tall order to put on my plate since I did not know John and had no idea how this could happen.  However, I took one small step and those small steps continued and by December, we had "breached the fortress” and had access to John.  This led to a meeting between Jerry and John in the spring of 1983 in Aspen.  Of course, John loved Jerry’s now-famous book, Love Is Letting Go of Fear, and mentioned it on a TV program.  And the rest is history ——


Jerry had published his book in 1979 but since that before the age of home computers, internet, cell phones, and more, marketing was a very different enterprise.  But an endorsement by a beloved performer was all it took.  That led ultimately to the sale of millions of copies, translation into many languages, better lives for countless numbers, and travels to dozens of countries spreading the word that love can, indeed, replace fear.

And you’ll never believe this!  Last night I received an email with a lovely video performance of Country Roads, one of John’s signature songs!  I have not thought of John or that song for probably  three decades but the very hour I was writing this, it appeared.  Quite an interesting coincidence? :)

With love and best wishes to all,



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